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What are you every body ?there are some people submit pictures that don't agree with the rules of the group!!!
Like kisses or someone naked !!!!!
If anyone do this again he or she will be out of the group and his picture will be deleted
Save your dignity
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Boruto and Sarada - Naruto: Next Generation by HonYakusha-san
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Sarada Uchiha lineart colored by rosolinio
Sarada 16 design by oXxMayuxXo
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Boruto Chapter 3: Rely on Sarada by IIYametaII
Naruto Next Gen - Teen Shikadai by Eleanor-Devil
Boruto: Naruto the Movie|Shikadai Nara by iEnniDESIGN
Shikadai - alternate designs by RMAlexis
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Mitsuki by Alif-kun
Uchiha Sakura Storm 4 Color by rosolinio
Sasuke Uchiha fanart2 by rosolinio
Sasuke Uchiha fanart by rosolinio
Sasuke And Sakura Uchiha Boruto The Movie Colored by rosolinio
Team 7 - lineart PSD by HonYakusha-san
Boruto, Sasuke and Naruto by DanyShiny
Boruto Hugs Sasuke (SasuBoru) by SunoharaKuro
Sailor Naruto by Karumi-Soroku
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Return of the Mask Page 2 by mrm64
Mirai Sarutobi
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DylanCArt Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016  Student General Artist
Hello I DylanCart I make crossover story's do your guys want to read my story's ?
mirage-05 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Hi! ^-^
I have this pic of my OCs Sacrifices - Rogue Ninjas Illustration and I would love to post them in your group but... Where do I post them? ^^; As you can see, no pairings are involved :)
And may I suggest you opening up a fanfiction folder please? I keep uploading my story in the Mitsuki folder ^^;
Actionpenga Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2016
Sorry long reply
Actionpenga Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2016
Hi mirage
Well as u see this is a boruto the movie group which means submit boruto and his friends or their families☺☺☺.

But your picture is OK and I like it so submit it in featured file.

As u see this group doesn't allow pairing so you r not allowed to submit something not available because if you did so you will be punished
But I know you are good one😉
And read the rules please to know what is not allowed :)
And I will make a folder for the fan fiction but what kind of fan fiction r u writing cause i am very busy to read so sorry you tell me?

And if you need anything tell me
mirage-05 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2016  Student Digital Artist
No worries about long replies, I don't mind long replies ^^

So should I upload the pic in the featured or will you send a request to add it? :)

Well, the fanfiction is a family/ drama / friendship themed story that takes place roughly a year after the Gaiden manga and 8 months or so after Boruto the movie. It is mostly centered on Mitsuki and a big misunderstanding that drove him out of Konoha and an unfortunate event that puts his relationship with his team, his father and the village in general, as per say, in perspective. 

As I said it's not a romance based story, but for the sake of continuation, some canon couples (NaruHina, SasuSaku, etc.) and some implied couples (KonoHana, SuiKarin) are part of the story. Not a big part, but it would be weird to leave them out, if you know what I mean.

If you have time later on, I would love to hear what you think about it ^^
Actionpenga Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016
If u need anything else tell me
Actionpenga Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2016
Well thanks for telling me about your fan fiction ;-)
it is Ok but please no pairing : )
And I would love to read it in details 😃
(1 Reply)
Sakubane Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2016
Thank you for accepting me in the group! I loved the Movie and can't wait for the official manga to come into my country! >U< ♥
Actionpenga Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2016
And have a nice time
mg1954 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Student General Artist
Can I please join this group?
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